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National Ice Cream Day for everyone!

People want to enjoy their favourite foods and drinks without sensitive teeth spoiling the moment. For 1 in 3 people, sweet, frozen treats are loved, but can trigger tooth pain. Ice cream lovers will often suffer through bites without even thinking about it.


With National Ice Cream Day coming up, we wanted to give everyone a reason to celebrate, with a custom Sensodyne branded, minty ice cream! But just giving out ice cream wasn’t going to be enough. We needed to get people thinking about their tooth sensitivity. We created a Sweepstakes with a grand prize and secondary prizes, entered through a microsite. When they landed on the site, they could test their sensitivity, educate themselves on the problem and explore the benefits of using Sensodyne.

Tactics included: Organic and paid social media, Online videos, Custom flavoured and branded ice cream, Giphy Sticker pack and Microsite.

Writer: Paul Galbraith

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