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Sensodyne Nourish:
Acts of Nourish

Sensodyne has launched a new, greener toothpaste to help sensitivity sufferers be more eco-conscious. To complement the launch, we wanted to show Sensodyne's commitment to the planet and people.

We pitched the concept of "Acts of Nourish": anything that helps keep the planet, and people around you happy and healthy.

As Sensodyne's own Act of Nourish, we proposed partnering with the National Recreation and Park Association to nourish parks and communities affected by climate change across the U.S. We also encouraged the public to perform their own Acts of Nourish in their communities for the chance to win $10,000, so they can keep the good deeds going.

The initiative was endorsed by Queer Eye's Bobby Berk, posting his own Act of Nourish on Instagram.

Tactics included: Organic and paid social media, Online videos, Custom Eco-Kit Prize and Microsite.


Writers: Paul Galbraith, Ellen Porteous

Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 21-41-41 Sensodyne Acts of Nourish.png
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